Universal veut la mort de Grooveshark

  • 6 septembre 2010
  • Par Eddie

Universal veut la mort de Grooveshark

Grooveshark may never reach a happy resolution with Universal Music Group, according to several sources discussing the matter with Digital Music News. Instead, Universal attorneys now appear to be pursuing Grooveshark to the death. « Basically, they’ve declared legal jihad against Grooveshark, » one source inside the label shared. « They want this thing gone, and they want blood, that’s basically it. »

Sounds draconian, though the psychology involved is nothing new. Another source close to the litigation process noted that inside the upper ranks of UMG, Grooveshark is being perceived as an infringing enemy – and not a partner worthy of legal resolution. That represents a clean break from fellow label EMI Music, as well as indie consortium Merlin, both of whom recently forged accords with the on-demand app.

Source : Digital Music News

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